Spring Break: Jasper, AB

March 23-27

The role your child was meant to play:


Confident Leader

Kids in the Spotlight is an evidence-based program that helps children develop self confidence and social skills. Created by counselor and Developmental Psychology MA Denise Goldbeck, KITS uses the performing arts as a vehicle for awe-inspiring development.


Offered in venues all over the world, KITS is a 5-day program where kids and their families stay at a hosted venue together. 

“It’s not about kids fitting into the program, it’s about a program that opens and morphs to who you are. Kids get a chance to express themselves and be seen. It’s beautiful.”
Denise Goldbeck

PHONE: 1-778-588-0643
EMAIL: info@kidsinthespotlight.ca 

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Over the course of five unforgettable days, children and youth of all ages create and perform in a musical production.


Along the way, they learn to communicate, respect themselves and others, express themselves confidently, overcome challenges, and heal from difficult experiences. By the end, each child has taken a fun, inspiring, and transformative journey.


$500 for the first child, $300 for siblings, Tuition only, Room and meals booked with Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge under Kits group rates. (fairmont.com/jasper)

Join us in Jasper this Spring Break


Parents will have free time as well as be part of the program throughout the day. Kids of all ages are welcome and full family participation is encouraged. Through play and with the security of having family close by, KITS allows kids to find their identity in a nurturing and open environment.

Self-compassion is explored and confidence is built through a relaxed but hilarious musical production, in which participants try out different roles, learn about teamwork, and have fun on stage with their friends.

The Benefits of Evidence-Based Play 
By being on stage, each child gets a chance at “play with thrill,” where they get to do something that is a little scary but still within the safety and support of the KITS environment. This science-based play has numerous neurological and emotional benefits. Kids are craving this type of play. 
It is food for the brain.

PHONE: 1-778-588-0643
EMAIL: info@kidsinthespotlight.ca